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Ran Gaku is the first CD of Dejima Ensemble.

Ran Gaku means Dutch or foreign science and goes back to the history of Dejima isle a place where dutch people where allowed to live in order to trade with Japan. The recordings for this CD where made during the South Netherlands Jazzfestival on 19-11-005 and brought out by the Japanese Ohrai label. In my shop you pay 18 euro (including postage)

The Six Winds -> Maihama

In the summer of 2002 the international saxophone sextet The Six Winds toured in Japan.
Volume 1 of the presented repertoire has been brought on the CD Komoro.
Now volume 2 is available on the CD Maihama .
It will be difficult to buy this CD in shops in the west but you can get it in my webshop for 18 euro or 24 dollar (includes postage).
Maihama is released on the Japanese Ohrai records JMCK 8003.
Be witness of The Six Winds live on stage in Japan !!
If you are interested in the whole repertoire of the Japanese tour you can buy Volume 1 & 2 for 30 euro or 40 dollar (postage included).


Brooklyn Calling

William Parker vs. Ad Peijnenburg, recorded in NYC

BROOKLYN CALLING was recorded in the basement studio of drummer and painter Andrei Strobert in Brooklyn NY on january 14 and 15,2004. While outside it was the coldest winter ever inside the fire was burning. We did two 4 hours recording sessions. This CD gives you an impression of 64 minutes. The music is totally free improvised but sometimes close to the jazz tradition because of certain quotation.
Dino CD's are produced by myself.
In my shop you pay 12 euro (includes postage).

The Six Winds - Komoro

KOMORO was recorded during a tour in Japan between june 29 and july 10 in 2002. All the recordings were made from life performances so the listener is a wittnes of the enthousiatic atmosphere. This CD is produced by the Japanese Ohrai records and therefore difficult to obtain and expensive in shops in the west. In my shop you pay only 18 euro (includes postage).
Volume 2 of this recording is released under the title Maihama.