Hubback/Peijnenburg & Strings

Hubback/Peijnenburg & Strings are doing two concerts.

On saturday september 18-010 we will be playing in a second hand shop located in the village Geldrop (The Netherlands) on the Mierloseweg 53a. The shop is using an old textile factory. When you are entering the complex please go there where you see the Dutch flag. The concert starts at 21.00 hour and the entrance is free. Welcome on the first concert of this special location ! String are Huub Bogaers on cello. info 0614899436

On sunday september 19-010 we will be playing at Burgers, Hertogstraat 2b Eindhoven. We are part of a 3 days festival celabrating the 20th aniversary of Burgers. Concert start at 22.00 and entrance is free. Strings are Huub Bogaers on cello and Rodrigo Reiyers on bass.Info 0619202046


Art & Food from Nepal +Hubback&Peijnenburg

Gallery De Kunstpraktijk is organising a project about Nepal from august 8 untill september 26. On september 12 you can watch art from 8 Nepalese artist and enjoy Nepalese food made by chiefcook Tamara. Before and after dinner you can listen to Hubback & Peijnenburg. There new CD Arrows is according the critics a great spiritual experience.

Address De Kunstpraktijk: Dorpstraat 6a, Veldhoven,The Netherlands,phone 31(0)402904782. info



Two Variations

Cello player Huub Bogaers and me will do two concerts in Eindhoven each time with a different guest.

On saturday june 26 at 21.00 hour we will perform in "De Fabriek".Baarsstraat 38. Guest will be trance percussion wizzard Steve Hubback. He will be playing on his self created instruments. The venue is a place with a large echo. We will use this circumstance in our playing.

On monday june 28 at 21.00 hour we will perform in "Burgers", Hertogstraat 2b. Guest will be Tom Verbruggen alias Toktek. He goes on stage with empty sampler,some toys, some vinyl . You could call him a sound manipulator.

After these concerts you can buy the new CD Arrows from  Hubback & Peijnenburg



New CD Arrows

Trance percussion wizard and metal craftsman Steve Hubback and me are working togehter as a duo since 2000. In that year our collaboration started with the CD "And Other Stuff ". Now our new second CD entitled "Arrows"is coming out on the english FMR label. It will give you an idea of the musical journeys we did in the past 10 years.

The release will be celebrated in Artspace Flipside on april 17/2010. As Special guest we invited cello player Huub Bogaers.

Start concert: 21.00

address: Tarwelaan 56/58, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

On the internet you can read two reviews





STORIES 3th edition

I am going on with my project STORIES in which improvisers of all around the world meet each other. We do three shows in my home town Eindhoven and our device is:    Never the same show twice !!

This third edition will bring master drummer Thebe Lipere from South Afrika with free style african percussion on traditional instruments and home made junk. From Eindhoven Younes Riad a fresh new talent who does life sampling and electronics. Next to my baritone and sopranino I wil use my collection  of bird whistles and my two crackle boxes.

wednesday march 24 on 21.00 hour in Kraaij & Balder, Strijpsestraat 79 Eindhoven phone 040 2515351

friday march 26 on 21.30 hour in Burgers, Hertogstraat 2B Eindhoven phone 040 2111840

saturday march 27 on 20.00 in Artspace Flipside, Tarwelaan 56/58 Eindhoven phone 06 5495 8880 as part of a meeting with several musicians from Antwerp in Belgia.The evening is called Eindwerpen Anthoven.

Eindhoven, 14-3-2010